Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Four Season House @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia

Actually before we went to the Skytrex Adventure (please scroll down for the post), we took some time and have a quick tour around Taman Pertanian Malaysia.

Located in Shah Alam, Malaysia's first agriculture park was opened to the public since 1986. The 1,295 hectare of tropical rain forest and agriculture park is one of the largest in the world. Visitors come here to explore the many agricultural plants that are grown here. Paddy field is found here, so are cocoa trees, oil palm, rubber trees, coffee, coconut and other fruit trees.

There are many gardens in this park amongst which are the Spice Garden, Ornamental Garden, Orchid Garden, Cactus Garden, Bamboo Garden and Mushroom Garden. Bicycles are available for rent at the park while free bus service is provided to ferry visitors to various spots within the park.

Heaven for joggers

Immerse yourself in tranquility here

Beautiful nature reflections

Lush scenery good for de-stress

Since our motive is Skytrex, we only visited the Four Season House and walked around the surrounding area.

The four season house at the Shah Alam Agriculture Park is one of the top attraction here. The entrance fee is RM3 per adult (12 years and above) and RM1 per child (4 to 11 years old). We took the coach provided by the park and ask the driver to drop us at the entrance to the four season house.

We thought the house got 4 seasons scenery inside at one go but only realized at the entrance that it occurs as follow:
Winter season garden is exhibited from December to February.
Spring season garden is exhibited from March to May.
Summer season garden is exhibited from June to August.
Autumn season garden is exhibited from September to November.

Autumn sonata!

This cottage setting almost like a painting

The season where leaves fall


The right side is the cage like room for taking photos

Colourful surroundings

Flowers everywhere!

The temperature inside was 7-12° C and inside was a tube like tunnel where there was 3 entrance to the exhibition. It was interconnected and quite small. We only spend around 15 minutes there because it was quite small. Although the scenery was nice, it was spoilt by the lighting which I think is too yellowish. I have to manually adjust the photos' colour balance using ACDSee to get the most acceptable finishing.

So, how to get to Taman Pertanian Malaysia?

Please click here for the quick map

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